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Top 5 Lessons About Women's Clothing To Learn Before You Hit 30

October 13, 2022 3 min read

Women's Clothing

The thirties are the period when you become more lady leaving behind the wild reckless persona which you held so close to you. The thirties are also the age when no doubt you have kids, you have responsibilities, a career, and also a family but these are the times when you are also the queen of your world. The thirties are also the age that when you look back you feel how much you have changed. And here is why you should also never commit to carrying the same fashion trend. One of the biggest challenges we see women carve is discovering how to dress their age. It’s a smart thing and has a lot of variables, but let’s handle it together and learn five basic lessons for the perfect Women's clothing style.

1. It’s a period to start working out for your style.

Begin by cleaning out your cupboard. There’s still time for a little experimenting, but these are the decades when you should start working out your style, and it starts by going through your wardrobe and throwing the pieces that don’t belong there.

What should you throw away?

Everything from high school. Just don’t.
Magnificent distressed jeans — a few rifts are okay. The shredded ones must throw. Too short booty shorts. Time to add a little elegant length. Everything that doesn’t fit or that’s worn out.

2. Look for quality over the number of clothes.

Your thirties are when you should begin investing in your clothing. Does that mean you have to spend more than $100 on every piece in your cabinet? Or that you can’t shop at a deal shop anymore? Of course not. Bargain pieces go on sale, and deal shops have good quality stuff sometimes too. But remember cheap people pay twice, and it’s perfectly true. It’s time to quit buying things just because they’re inexpensive. It is better if we have ten shirts in our closet that will last for a few years and make us feel elegant every time we wear them than thirty shirts that all get ruined after a few washes, or pill after a few wears, and turn shapeless.

3. You must add some sophistication.

Your thirties are the age when you should begin to add a bit more sophistication and elegance to your look and balance out the youthful pieces with chic and classic pieces.

4. Not to forget that Classic is key

Classic dresses are going to be your best friend because they add that age appropriate feel while wearing youthful dresses. Begin buying button-down shirts, shirt dresses, blazers, classic white sneakers, or chic flats or loafers in your wardrobe.

Focus on classic pencil skirts, gorgeous bodycon dresses, and beautiful skinny jeans/pants. At this age stay away from oversized

5. Do not reveal too much flesh.

It is also an aspect of age-appropriate dressing. Fashion experts' words about sexy dressing as a way of shedding insecurity resonate, but in your thirties, you are confident enough. Show your curves and flesh that make you look gorgeous, not cheap.

Remember, Pairing colorful with youthful equals juvenile. Pairing classic with youthful equals age appropriate.

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